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Giusella Finocchiaro elected President of the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna

Giusella Finocchiaro is the new President of the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna for the five year term 2015-2020. She was unanimously elected by secret ballot on the 6th July, 2015 during the first session of the Foundation’s Steering Committee.

Giusella Finocchiaro, who succeeds Marco Cammelli as President, had been appointed member of the new Steering Committee on the 25th May together with Luigi Balestra, Sara Bisulli, Mauro Brighi, Luigi Busetto, Valeria Cicala, Sergio Conti, Giuseppe Cremonesi, Gianluca Dradi, Onofrio Arduino Gianaroli, Carlo Guarnieri, Paola Lanzarini, Massimo Moscatelli, Daniela Oliva, Andrea Segrè, Siriana Suprani, Simone Spataro and Daniela Zannoni.

“Marco Cammelli leaves us a splendid legacy: a dynamic Foundation in excellent shape, which he has managed with great wisdom and sound judgment and which of course makes our task all the more challenging”. “Fortunately”, as Giusella Finocchiaro remarked, “we can rely on the considerable expertise of our colleagues on the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors”.

Professor Finocchiaro introduced the issues that the Foundation would deal with the course of her term of office, “as has been highlighted in the budget for the coming term,circumstances external to the Foundation have created a number of problems that we will have to face, namely fiscal pressure up by about 20% since December 2014, the obligation to diversify investments in implementing the ACRI-MEF protocol and a progressive decrease in expenditure from the peak of 2008 to a level that will be determined for next year, which might also record further restrictions.

The main directions in which we intend to lead the Foundation forward in the coming years are those of enhancing the value of certain areas of the Foundation on an international scale, increasingly promoting innovative projects, supporting the creativity of such proposals, improving communication between the Foundation and its stakeholders, not only by facilitating the circulation of announcements but also by organizing communication spaces for hearing and exchanging ideas with stakeholders and broadening the online use of the Foundation’s artistic and cultural heritage”.

At the end of the voting procedure, Giusella Finocchiaro, proposed an approximately 10% cut in the allowances of the Foundation’s President and Steering Committee, which was approved unanimously.



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Scientific Director
Prof. Avv. Giusella Finocchiaro
Editorial Curator
Dott. Giulia Giapponesi

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