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The new Finocchiaro's Law Firm website is available online

To celebrate its tenth anniversary of professional activity the Finocchiaro Law Firm is pleased to present a stimulating new website, available online at www.studiolegalefinocchiaro.it.

The website’s dynamic new appearance features the updates and latest activities that drive our law firm and is in line with the groundbreaking innovation that characterizes our main professional specialization: Internet law.

All the activities of the firm and its founder Giusella Finocchiaro, namely conferences, training courses, press releases and news from the blog, can be kept up with on a day to day basis on our dynamic new homepage.

With the aim of providing a detailed description of the Law Firm’s professional activity all information regarding our firm, its professionals and publications has been updated on the main menu pages.  A new page “Our Services” has been designed to describe the specializations and services provided by our firm.

All the projects our Law Firm is involved in are examined in greater detail on the “Agenda & Events” page, where past and future events can be browsed through chronologically. Each entry has its own space where information and contacts for participation at conferences, seminars and workshops can be found.

The “Multimedia & Press “ page is our small window on communication where recent media features regarding the Finocchiaro Law firm are reported.  Videos and other material on our public activity can also be found in this section.

For convenient and rapid memos the “save/share” button that accompanies all the website posts gives everyone who is looking for practical information the opportunity to share any of the content on the site via email or on the main social networking sites.


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Scientific Director
Prof. Avv. Giusella Finocchiaro
Editorial Curator
Dott. Giulia Giapponesi

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