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The Italian Privacy Authority stops illegal video surveillance in workplaces

With a series of recent measures, the Italian Privacy Authority has declared unlawful the use of video surveillance systems installed in four workplaces, one in a public administration workplace, one in a private company and two in social health organizations.

In all four cases, surveillance cameras had been installed in violation of the Workers’ Statute, which prohibits all remote video control of employees, and also in violation of laws for the protection of personal data.

The action which a number of people had urged the Authority to take, established the illegality of the processing of such data and has thus disabled use of the footage taken in violation of the law.

In the particular case of measures taken against a rest home the use of cameras in the area where employees clock in and out was banned permanently.

In the other three cases, the Authority has banned the use of cameras located at the entrances to workplaces, while awaiting the implementation of the procedures provided for by the Workers’ Statute (agreement with the company’s union representatives, or authorization of the Provincial Department of Labour and Employment).

In motivating these bans the Authority has confirmed that the remote control of work exists even in conditions of non continuous surveillance and also in cases where the cameras are indicated by notices. In order to comply with the regulations, however, the installation of cameras must always adhere to the procedures established by the Statute for the protection of workers.

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