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Google vs. Vividown: Google managers acquitted by the Milan Court of Appeal

On 21.12.2012 the Milan Court of Appeal declared the full acquittal of the Google executives who had been convicted of violation of the data protection law in 2010 by the Milan Court, whose decision caused a worldwide sensation.

These are the facts: the video of a disabled schoolboy being bullied by his schoolmates which they had then uploaded to You Tube.

Google was not convicted due to the fact that under Italian Law providers has no obligation to carry out a prior control. However, as there is the involvement of personal criminal responsibility in this case the Google executives were convicted of violation of the privacy law. The main points debated were the applicability of Italian law per se in the case and Google’s obligation to verify that those who had uploaded the video had respected the data protection law.

We look forward to reading the reasoning behind this judgement, which for numerous different reasons will certainly have wide-ranging implications.

Giusella Finocchiaro

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